Joseph is an SHQ member that was brought to SHQ by OmegaMario, though he is commonly referred to as 'Broseph' by SHQ's founder, Silvxs. As the name implies; Joseph checks a lot of spelling mistakes, and he is basically the SHQ's Dictionary because of his constant definitions that he finds for words that nobody knows the meaning of in SHQ's chats. Also, he trolls the frick out of the entire group sometimes with various statements and comments. But he loves them, regardless of the way he acts. Although he does not do much to benefit Spriters HQ, Silvxs still considers him his 'right hand man' . Although he has recently begun to Sprite.

Where to find Joseph

Joseph does alot of stupid stuff. You can find him at the following:

Twitter - @143supermario

deviantART - mariofreak2009

YouTube - 143supermario

Skype - mariofreak2008

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