Silvxs12, also known as Charlie Brown, is the co-founder of SHQ. He is best known for his alternate universe continuation of the most famous sprite series: Super Mario Bros Z, called Super Mario Bros Z: Aftermath. Silvxs is a silly yet sometimes serious person. He is considers himself the "Master of BGM" for his breathtaking Background Music Picks. He has yet to be rivaled in that catergory. 

Silvxs12 (First Channel)

Silvxs12's YouTube page was created on November 7th, 2011, in which only videos such as OST's and Music Videos were uploaded. Until its downfall in October 2012 due to 3 copyright strikes all due to uploadings of Dragonball Absalon videos without the creator, "Melavelli"'s consent. And as YouTube states, it takes 10-20 buisness days to reclaim a lost channel. That all led up to the eventual creation of the Sprite Animation Channel, Charlie Brown. To this day, Silvxs12 has uploaded 30 Videos, has 155 Subscribers, and has 88,233 channel views.

Charlie Brown (Second and Animating Channel)

During the time that the Silvxs12 channel was down, the Charlie Brown channel was made in order to maintain commenting privilege's such. Not really for uploading videos at all. But then SHQ was made. And with no Silvxs12 channel to upload animations on, animation videos were uploaded on the Charlie Brown Channel. Eventually the first episode of Super Mario Bros Z Aftermath was uploaded onto that channel which gained a whopping 7,181 views. From then on more and more episodes and animations were uploaded onto that channel and the quality and style of the animations changed into what are now uploaded today. To this day the Charlie Brown Channel is the offcial animation channel of Silvxs12 Productions. With a ironic 155 subscribers (the same as the Silvxs12 channel) and 41 videos with 32,713 views all together. Charlie Brown is now a great channel to repersent the Spriters HQ.