Coolsonicman Channel Intro (HQ)

Coolsonicman Channel Intro (HQ)

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Coolsonicman's main logo

This is CSM (CoolSonicMan), the President of SHQ (Spriters HeadQuarters)

Youtube/Animating/SHQ discovery

Coolsonicman (Otherwise known as, TJ0001) Began on youtube on March 14th 2009, and started out only as a "lurker" if you will.

After that CSM began tinkering with programs like MS Paint and Windows Movie Maker in order to create his first series of videos "Lollipop fighters". Upon the release of Lollipop Fighters 2, He discovered a series called SMBZ created by Mark Haynes. Upon seeing it he began a drive to create sprite videos using his default programs MSP and WMM in order to create his very first sprite animation titled simply Mario Vs Sonic, a ten minute sprite animation.

After several sprite animations on Paint, CSM was discovered by Shabadaniah of Spriters HQ (now known as JPG (JapanimeGamer) and introduced to Spriters HQ as one of its first animators. Upon discovering Spriters HQ, Coolsonicman also discovered Macromedia Flash 8, which once used tripled the quality of his future animations.

Other Facts about CSM

Fact 1: CSM also has a Deviantart, a Tumblr, a Facebook, and a Newgrounds.

Deviantart name: TJ0001

Tumblr: Asksonicandmario

Facebook: TJ Tee Jay

Newgrounds: Coolsonicman (no uploads as of now)

Fact 2: The character in CMS logo image is named TJ (His actual nickname). TJ, is a red haired brown skinned fox demon character with nine tails, and he is CMS main persona. His creation started on a site called GaiaOnline, and every accessory that TJ has is based on an item you can obtain on the site. TJ also has his very own backstory due to roleplays done on the very site he came from.

Fact 3: CSM was not originally the President of the HQ, It was originally Silvxs, however Silvxs resigned from SHQ giving CSM the title of President.

Fact 4: CSM was originally going to also name his youtube channel TJ0001, however the name was already taken and he could not use it, which is the reason he named it Coolsonicman.

Fact 5: TJ was originally the Vice President, until Silvxs resigned.